Personality Profiles

DISC Personality Profiling System

What should I expect?

Firstly, RELAX!!  DISC Personality Profiling is not a test or an exam, nor will it try to ‘catch you out’ or highlight ‘abnormal’ behaviour, there are no right or wrong answers, only your answers.  It involves completing a questionnaire with 24 multiple-choice questions, simply choosing ‘more like’ and ‘least like’ for each one.  

The questionnaire is designed to give you an insight into your preferred communication styles, in which situations and job roles you are likely to feel most relaxed, and which may make you feel a little uncomfortable and explain why.  

It will highlight your strengths and allow you to find ways of making them work for you and others.  You will gain a better understanding of why you find it easier to build rapport with some types of people over others and show you ways of making all relationships better, easier and more productive.  

DISC Personality Profiling is not just useful in the workplace, you can put the skills you learn to use in all areas of life. 

The Benefits of DISC Personality Profiling

Cazbro offers the strategic use of work-based behaviour profiling to offer businesses and organisations a host of applications including:

  • Effective Recruitment and Employee Retention Tool
    People excel and shine in the job roles that are a good match for their skills and natural behaviour style.  The personality style profile can identify and highlight management and leadership qualities, detail-oriented and organisational skills, natural sales ability, personal service and team-player tendencies.  Critical to employee retention is the initial job match for skills and behaviour style, along with understanding what motivates an individual, all of which DISC profiling captures quickly and accurately.
  • Personality Conflict Resolution
    Once you understand what motivates others to behave in a particular way, you are more likely to react positively to them, and less likely to harbour negative feelings.  Having an awareness of underlying motivations can allow you to diffuse situations before they even start.  Conflict often arises when others do not act in accordance with our expectations. When we understand the intention behind the behaviour, conflict and disagreements are greatly reduced.
  • Stress Identification and Subsequent Management
    DISC profiling swiftly identifies individuals who are frustrated or under stress.  Stress is a proven factor which contributes to under-performance and sickness, which adversely impacts on an organisation’s ability to deliver objectives and targets.  Early identification and management of stress is a key requirement of modern business life, and the DISC profile provides a tool for detection and remedy.
  • Non-Confrontational Feedback Mechanism
    DISC profiling helps master the art of giving feedback non-confrontationally.  Careless criticism risks both relationships and morale.  Profiling helps neutralise potential problems by highlighting an individual’s preferred communication style.  Once you are aware of an individual’s preferred style, you can adapt your own communication mode.  This technique will ensure the desired outcome is achieved by minimising misinterpretation.  Remember, the effectiveness of your communication is the response you get.
  • Career Planning and Personal Development
    By identifying a personality style it becomes evident that certain styles suit certain occupations.  DISC profiling aids effective career planning by helping to match people with positions.  By selecting the correct career match individuals are typically more satisfied, productive and creative.
  • Positive and Productive Team Working
    The DISC Personality Profiling system enables you to understand why others behave in a particular way.  When there is a lack of understanding, comments and actions are often taken personally.  Understanding other styles allows you to communicate in a more constructive manner by modifying your behaviour to appeal to styles which are different from yours.