S+C Engineering Services

We first met Carol from Cazbro when we attended a Be Management Ready workshop as part of the EAC Economic Development Be Ready Programme.  She really got us thinking about how Teams work and the importance of recognising and playing to strengths and weaknesses within the Team. I was so impressed by the energetic and inspiring way in which the Workshop was delivered, I then enrolled in Carol’s Mindful of Business course which aims to deliver Practical Leadership, Management and Business Skills.

The course was incredibly informative and helped to focus our awareness of our own Management style as well as different personality traits within the team and how they could be structured to work well together. I found this really enlightening and enjoyed listening to everyone’s experiences of challenges with people management and talking collectively about how to overcome these.

As a result of this, I began to think about the support and guidance Cazbro could bring to our Business.  We were very much in a transition stage having just moved to new premises double the size and recruited additional staff within our Production team.  I felt that our Managers were extremely busy and reluctant to delegate some of their work to our newer, younger team members.  The team was very much out of balance as the younger, newer members were a bit disconnected and unchallenged because Managers were reluctant to share the work load. 

We invited Carol along to do 2 evening workshops with the Management, Production and Finance teams. Carol instantly engaged the whole team and very quickly prompted lots of discussion with some great ideas and contributions from our younger, newer members. From this, we were able to have a really good review of processes and procedures. We also had open and honest discussions about the challenges each of us faced on a daily basis and how we, as a team, could prevent or improve these.  With Carol’s help, we were able to think about what our Customers valued most from us and use these values to create our Mission Statement.

As a result, our whole team connected.  Everyone was assured that their contribution and opinion mattered. Our staff have benefited hugely from this investment of our time and our Business has gone from strength to strength.  With everyone working well together, we have achieved our ISO 9001, RISQS, CE Marking and Safe Contractor Accreditations and have just been promoted to Account Management with Scottish Enterprise.

2017 is our 70th year in Business with lots of exciting opportunities to grow our turnover in sectors such as Rail, Food & Drink Processing, Defence, Energy, Waste Management etc. I have no doubt that Cazbro’s help and support has allowed us to build a very robust team who will work together to maximise every opportunity available. We look forward to working with Carol again in the future. 

Heather Mackenzie
Financial Director
S+C Engineering Services