Christine Sadler Jewellery

Christine Sadler is a talented Scottish jewellery designer and goldsmith who runs her business from her independent shop in Ayr.  There, you will find a wide range of themed jewellery collections, but that’s not all.  You also have the option to have Christine work with you to design a piece of jewellery truly special and unique to you, whether it's brand new or created from an existing item of jewellery.  And the results are stunning!  You should take a look —

This is what Christine had to say about working with Cazbro…

Every business dreams of getting better but we didn’t appreciate how much we had to change in order to cope with the additional workload that success brings.

My husband and I run our business with one staff member. We have been in business since 1999 and the staff member has been with us since 2005. We all have different skills and responsibilities within the business and all work independently although we rely on each other as part of a team. When we unexpectedly found an increase in demand for our product, it revealed weaknesses in the systems we had in place. We tried a number of different strategies to cope with the increase in demand but ultimately we failed to find solutions that worked.

My husband and I were both sceptical about employing a specialist to advise us in our business. Our experience was that experts glean as much personal information about your business as possible to build their own portfolio of knowledge which they can then sell that to your competitors. We had also found that as they had less knowledge than we had about the industry in which we worked, we failed to get a benefit out of the service. However, I knew Carol Brown through another project that I had worked on and I thought that her skills in coaching could help us reach our goals.

Carol processes information in a way that I’ve never experienced anyone else doing. She is able to listen to what is said and focus on what is meant, what is helpful and what should be discarded. This meant that all the meetings with her were productive and we didn’t get bogged down rehashing old unhelpful conversations. During the coaching process we found a new perspective simply by listening to each other explain things to Carol that we both had assumed the other person knew.

When you work very hard and are completely committed to the success of your business, the last thing you consider is that you might be contributing to the problems that your business is experiencing. Carol challenged us to look at this. I didn’t always like what Carol had to say but she was always right.

At no point did Carol ask us about our turnover, profit margins or any confidential information. She was able to help us reach our goals without needing to know this. At no point did she ever tell us how to run our business. What she did was to help us use our knowledge more effectively by showing us that there are more ways to achieve our goals than we had previously considered. I have to confess, quite how she did that still remains a mystery to me but the evidence of the improvement in our business is there for us to see. I guess it’s something you just have to experience for yourself in your business to really see how it works.