Education | Learning | Development


Education is about more than learning specific subjects and passing exams – it encompasses the development of life skills:

  • emotional, mental and physical wellbeing
  • self-efficacy
  • resilience
  • responsibility
  • interpersonal skills
  • effective communication
  • team working
  • assertiveness
  • self-image
  • learning how to learn

Cazbro is expert in engaging with people of all abilities to build and develop their life skills. From our very beginnings, Cazbro has been helping teachers, lecturers and educators with delivering life skills to their students. Our approach engages even the most difficult to reach, changing feelings of low self-esteem, dependence and lack of control which is now experienced by a significant number of young people.

Cazbro offers one-to-one sessions, workshops and programmes which complement formal education. We work in tandem with schools, colleges and educational institutions to ensure that students and learners of all academic abilities receive a well-balanced and rounded education. 

We also deliver sessions for parents.  These sessions can be with a view to increasing engagement with the school, their own personal development or developing better family and community relationships.

Our aim is to ensure people are equipped to thrive in life and realise their potential. The lasting benefit is the positive contribution that every pupil, student and learner can make to enhance the quality of community life.