Sharp Solutions

Tackling issues around Knife Crime & Violence

Individuals and Community

Sharp Solutions is a vehicle for increasing awareness and understanding of the issues around knife crime and violence. The aim is to create a greater knowledge of the consequences of carrying knives for both individuals and the community. From this comes an improved ability to develop strategies and confidence for changing behaviour and taking personal responsibility.

Holistic Approach

Addressing issues of youth violence and anti-social behaviour requires many different types of intervention at many different levels. Cazbro can use this resource on its own or in combination with other Cazbro programmes and workshops to ensure a holistic approach. The themes and activities aim to engage participants in a process which addresses their:

  • values and attitudes 
  • relationships
  • problems
  • risk taking
  • decision making
  • behaviours 

We challenge participants to consider how this impacts on them personally, their family, their social circle and the wider community and focus on how they can make a positive contribution.

As with all Cazbro courses, the content can be adapted to encompass the needs of all abilities. If the modular course format would not fit your requirements, or perhaps there are time or budget restrictions, then bespoke workshops are available allowing you to pick‘n’mix which topics are most suitable for your clients.

Curriculum for Excellence

The themes covered within Sharp Solutions also contribute to the development of all four key capacities of the Curriculum for Excellence, in particular ‘Responsible Citizens’.