Mindful of Business

Practical Leadership, Management and Business Skills

What is the biggest obstacle you face in business? Could it be you?

You could improve your personal efficiency

Mindful of Business workshops will equip you with the know-how to GROW your business straight-away.

You’ll be shown tools, tips and techniques that allow you to develop the skills to evaluate and challenge how you do things now, identify changes and implement them with ease.

Gain an insight to your own and your staff’s motivation for increased performance, productivity and consequently increased profit.

Get more productivity from your business activity

  • Spend less time fire-fighting and more time creating opportunities.
  • A brand is not a logo. Learn how to create YOUR brand.
  • Do less telling and more selling.
  • Make an ally of that difficult customer or client.
  • Develop efficient and confident communication skills. Hit the mark every time.

Real time access & interaction with your coach

These sessions are not seminars where you are just one of hundreds in the room. The workshops are made up of groups of around 16 individuals.

They are interactive and tailored to suit your business needs. There’s no jargon; just practical, relevant and easy to follow strategies for enhanced performance.

The sessions give you the chance to go through the process in a safe and controlled environment. You will leave with an effective plan which you can implement immediately. And, as an added bonus, they’re fun!

Your own toolkit for reference and ideas

In addition to the workshops you are given your own toolkit full of exercises, notes and ideas which are ‘work-ready’ solutions.

A resource you will refer to long after you have completed the sessions.