Personal and Team Development Programme

Safe Environment

The powerful Illumination Programme is a unique hybrid of coaching and training. This programme seeks to provide a safe environment in which participants can acknowledge and address skills gaps and identify key areas for development.  It allows individuals to recognise the skills and resources they already possess and explore how to use them to their best advantage. The workshops provide support and encouragement for participants to celebrate and be confident with their individuality.

Illumination equips potential and practicing team leaders and team members with foundation knowledge and understanding of team development and effective team working.

Illumination complements formal education, training and support to give people the knowledge and skills they need to achieve their goals and ambitions. It is adaptable to the differing needs of a wide range of participants, backgrounds and abilities, and aims to make a lasting and positive impact on every individual it supports.


Illumination is a modular personal development programme which can be modified to suit the needs of the participants, and with you having the power to pick‘n’mix the modules, you can be sure that the Illumination Programme delivers whatever suits your people best.