Self Development, Health and Wellbeing Programme

How would you like to have an Awesome weekend, week or longer?

Are you ready to take on the Cazbro Challenge and prove to yourself that, you too, are pretty Awesome?

The Awesome course from Cazbro  will give you the opportunity to feel the exhilaration of achieving things you never thought you could, the chance to overcome your fears and get a great deal of enjoyment as you do, expose yourself to new experiences and the thrill of learning how strong your body and mind really are.

Awesome is an active and adventurous personal development course which can be modified to suit a wide range of participants.

The course includes; outdoor and physical activities, life coaching tools and nutritional guidance, all delivered in a fun way. Importantly, the activities are designed so that participants will be able to replicate and practice these activities on their return home, ensuring that the lessons learned have a lasting benefit.

The course is also open to parents and families, giving participants the opportunity to take time out of the everyday schedule and pressures and reconnect with each other in a new and exciting environment where, in order to be Awesome, you have to rely on one another, communicate effectively and work together!

Are you ready for it?  We are...we're waiting for you...

What are you waiting for?  Be AWESOME!