The Link Between People and Profit

As many of you will know first-hand, my focus is on ensuring that participants of Cazbro Courses leave with practical skills which are not only relevant and useful in the workplace, but also to the individual, and that can be immediately put into practice.

Balance Head Heart

I was asked to apply this philosophy in a new arena this week when I was invited by City & Guilds to be one of a small group of consultants from all over Scotland and Northern Ireland involved in the review and restructure of their Employability and Personal Development qualification suite; bringing fresh ideas and perspective based on the work I have done in this field over many years. I must admit, I did feel a sense of achievement at being recognised in this way.

A new proposal based on the work of our small group will be unveiled at a meeting of City & Guilds centres in a few weeks time. I suspect a few Cazbro signature elements will be evident.

But this philosophy is not only useful in personal development and training; it can have a huge impact on your business too.

Why are some businesses more enduring than others? What distinguishes the great from the merely good? Well, really great businesses, even in bad times, place people and values first.

Businesses that have lost sight of this may find that the current economic shake-up will cause them to find their way again, or sink. When people feel they are not valued they can also start to feel “Why should I give you my all?”

The link between people and the bottom line is becoming clearer. A focus on treating employees with warmth, dignity and respect pays off in how customers are treated and consequently in how the business performs.

As we continue on our business journeys, with all of the associated uncertainties, businesses will need to draw on the full creative energy and talent of their people. Confronted with an increasingly mobile society, cynicism about corporate life, and an expanding entrepreneurial segment of the economy, businesses need to have a clear understanding of their people and values. They must make work meaningful in order to attract, motivate and retain outstanding people. There must be a balance with people, values and business in order to create sustainable results.

Many businesses may recognise the need to invest in their people but struggle to find an affordable way to achieve this.

Cazbro has a work-friendly solution to bridge that gap. Take a look at our Business, Coaching and Training sections on our website.

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