How to Ensure You Don’t Succeed

  • So you have a kind of fuzzy, non-specific, generalised vision of where you’d like to be. Don’t make that vision any clearer. If you define what you’d really like, it might lead you to a way of actually making it happen!
  • Make sure you aren’t setting any time limits on when you will get around to some action. If it’s at some distant place in the future you can let yourself off the hook when it doesn’t become a reality.
  • Don’t make any kind of plan, that way you have an excuse for your goals not materialising. You’ll be able to spend most of your time firefighting and reacting to all that life throws at you out of the blue and wallowing in self pity that nothing goes right for you.
  • Complain at every possible turn. Complain about external factors, situations and other people not stepping up to the mark and doing their bit. Take absolutely no responsibility for anything that happens. After all, you have no control over your life and are at the mercy of everyone else and the bad decisions they make on your behalf or that affect you.
  • There’s no need to let others know how you feel or what you think; no need to contribute any suggestions on how to make things better, move things forward or solve a problem. Surely, they should know how you feel without being told. They should have only your best interests at heart and make their needs and wants secondary to yours.
  • Do not commit to anything for yourself. Spend all of your time agreeing to things that you don’t really want to do and then complaining about people taking advantage of you. No wonder you don’t get anything done because you just have to do everything for everyone else first.
  • Just wait for something good to happen to you. Wait for someone to come along and offer you everything you’ve ever wanted on a plate. No effort, no work…just wait for that magic moment.

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