Enthusiasm Makes You Smile

Recently I was asked  "How is it possible for you to maintain all that enthusiasm?" 

So I had a think...It has to be nurtured.


We all have the capacity for enthusiasm but unless you stimulate it, actively look for new activities, interests, ambitions, ways of doing things better and create that feeling of effort and achievement then enthusiasm can wane.

You have to get in the game...

What game? What's competing got to do with it?

I recently had a conversation with a friend which ties in with this thought. Competition with others is nowhere near as exciting as competing with yourself. That sense of seeing what we are capable of, surprising ourselves, the effort of digging in and getting our teeth into a project for ourselves, for the sheer joy of being able to say to ourselves "Yes, I did it!" That makes you show your teeth in a different way...it makes you smile.

So if you're thinking that it's time to engage your enthusiasm...what are you going to do to make yourself smile?

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