Coaching in your Business

Tell me what to do and I'll tell you where to go…

Don't Tell Me What To Do

How do you feel when someone just tells you what to do?  Do you feel inspired?  Valued?  Capable?  Included? No, neither do I.

Telling people what to do undermines their engagement, as well as their intellectual and creative capacities for problem solving.  Most people instinctively buck against this approach.  It can stop people from offering suggestions as to how something could be achieved even though they may be in the best position to do so, putting your business at a disadvantage.  Long term, it can also lead to poor performance, lack of initiative, stress and disaffected staff.  Not something any organisation needs, especially with employers having increased responsibility for maintaining the mental health and wellbeing of their staff.

Coaching employs a strategic questioning methodology and, done properly, this results in increased performance.  It engages people; tapping into their own motivators, and creates challenge and innovation which inspires and excites. In short, coaching builds personal commitment versus the archaic practice of old school management to achieve compliance. Recent research cites poor management practices as one of the top factors in losing skilled and motivated staff and contributes to absence due to stress.

When you engage Cazbro as your external coaching partner, we’re in the unique position of being able to cut through the cultural default thinking and unwritten rules, the interpersonal and interdepartmental alliances and disputes.  Being impartial means we can get your people to openly address the key elements of what's not working and reinforce and develop what's working well.  This creates a more engaged and cohesive workforce - and helps you to retain your valuable staff.

The expectations of today’s workforce are changing…are you changing with them?

If you'd like to develop a coaching culture in your business, you also have the option of accessing the Essentials programme to equip you with practical coaching skills which are not only useful in a business setting - they're useful in all aspects of your life.   Essentials will bolster your CPD and you can opt to undertake formal assessment for this ILM Endorsed programme too.

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